Group Study Rooms for MU FA students

  • only for students of MU Faculty of Arts
  • card access (ISIC, MU chip card)
  • Arna Nováka 1 premises, building D, 2nd floor
  • MU FA staff members can use Group Workspace

Reserve I need instructions

Reservation is not necessary, but users with a reservation have priority.

Study rooms – equipment and operation

No service is provided in the study rooms during the day; leave them as you found them. If you encounter any faults or problems, contact the Information Desk in the main library building.

Opening hours


Capacity of 5 places

Capacity of 10 places

Number of study rooms



Daily maximum length of reservation

180 min (3 h)

180 min (3 h)

Built-in computer



Possibility to connect your own device
(HDMI, VGA, AirPlay, MirrorOp)



Writing board (whiteboard)



Built-in microphone, camera and speaker



External microphone



Availability calendar

It is only used to find out if the room is free. You can reserve a room after logging in via Office 365.

  • How to reserve a Group Study Room

    Reserving a Group Study Room is easy. After signing in to your Office 365 account, create a new event in the Outlook calendar and in the list of rooms select the one that you are interested in (D2TYM1–6).

  • Sign in to Office 365

Step-by-step reservation instructions

1. Sign in to the calendar in Office 365

  • You can use the web interface at
  • Enter your e-mail in the format UČ and a single sign-on window will open.
Týmové studovny 1

2. New event

  • After opening the calendar, create a new event.
Týmovky 2

3. Event details

  • Enter the name, date and time of the event for which you want to reserve the study room.
Týmovky 3

4. Room selection

  • Start writing the name of the study room in the event location field and select from the suggested items.
  • Study room names: D2TYM1, D2TYM2, D2TYM3, D2TYM4, D2TYM5 a D2TYM6
  • If you entered the time of the event, you will see which study rooms are available.
Týmovky 4

5. Submission to the calendar

  • After adding the location, click on the Send button. This will save the event and the reservation of the selected study room will be created.
Týmovky 5

Reservation confirmation

A confirmation will be sent to your MU e-mail and the reservation will be displayed in your Outlook calendar and in the room calendar. If you are not going to use the room, do not forget to cancel your reservation.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why was the reservation rejected?

  • You tried to make a reservation for a time outside of opening hours of the study rooms.
  • You tried to make a reservation longer than 180 minutes.
  • You tried to create a recurring event.
  • You selected the D2TYM7 room that is for faculty staff only.
  •  You are not currently studying at the Faculty of Arts.

None of the above applies to you? Contact us at and we will find out what the problem is.

How to cancel a reservation?

Delete the created event in your Outlook calendar (Office 365) or remove the room from the event.

What if someone is using the study room at the time of my reservation?

If someone is using the room at the time of your reservation, don’t be afraid to ask them to leave. If they are not willing to do so, contact the Information Desk in the lobby of the main library building.

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