Library spaces

Building F, main library building

  • individual study spaces
  • books and journals
  • lending, consultations and other services
  • SUPO top-up machine
  • phone booth
  • printers
  • self-service kitchenette
  • computers with Internet access

Quiet Study Rooms Lockers

Plan of main library building
Plan of Building D

Building D, group spaces

  • study spaces for group work
  • relaxation space
  • self-service kitchenette with a microwave oven

Group Study Rooms Group Workspace

Branch libraries

  • a network of libraries located at individual departments

Branch libraries

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Overview of service desks

Information Desk

  • 1st floor, lobby
  • a librarian is always available
  • Lost and Found, first aid kit, document binding, printing without ISIC, issuing of certificates, useful items
Information Desk in the library lobby

Circulation and Registration Desk

  • 1st floor, Journals Study Room
  • a librarian is always available
  • lending and returning of books, payment of late fees, registration
Circulation and Registration Desk on the 1st floor

Consultation Desk

  • 2nd floor, Quiet Study Room
  • a librarian is always available
  • consulting services, help with finding books, useful items
Consultation Desk on the 2nd floor

Librarian’s Desk

  • 3rd and 4th floor, Quiet Study Room
  • most of the day unattended
  • help with finding books, useful items
Librarian’s Desk on the 3rd and 4th floor


Both buildings that house the library have a barrier-free entrance and elevator. The available study spaces in the Quiet Study Rooms and D2TYM3-6 Group Study Rooms are also adapted for wheelchair users.

Division of call numbers on library floors

The collections of the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts are arranged according to Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), adjusted to the needs of the MU Faculty of Arts.

List of call numbers

2nd floor

001 Science and scientific work
003 Writing systems. Semantics and semiotics
004 Computer science. Computer technology
007 Cybernetics. Activity and organizing
008 CivilizationCulture – progress
02 Library and information science
025 Operations of libraries
028 Reading
030 General encyclopedic works
06 General organizations and museology.
070 Newspapers. Press. Journalism
09 Manuscripts, rare books, other rare printed materials
1 Philosophy. History of philosophy
101 Nature and role of philosophy
11 Metaphysics
111 Metaphysics in general. Ontology
113 Cosmology. Philosophy of nature
12 Special metaphysics. Causation. Soul. Incarnation
13 Philosophy of mind
130.2 Philosophy of culture
133 Occultism. Magic. Astrology
14 Philosophical systems and points of view
141 Kinds of viewpoint
159.9 Psychology
159.913 Mental hygiene
159.92 Mental development and capacity. Comparative psychology
159.922 Developmental psychology, national characteristics
159.923 Psychology of personality
159.925 Graphology
159.93 Sensation. Sensory perception
159.94 Executive functions. Emotions
159.95 Higher mental processes
159.96 Special mental states and processes. Depth psychology
159.964.2 Psychoanalysis
159.97 Abnormal psychology
159.98 Applied psychology
16 Logic
165 Theory of knowledge. Epistemology
17 Ethics (moral philosophy)
173 Family morality
176 Sexual morality
178 Drug dependence. Alcoholism
2 Religion. Theology
2a Religion and evolution
211 Atheism
22 Bible
222 Old Testament
225 New Testament
23 Christianity
23a Christianity – encyclopedias
23d Christianity in general
23e Christianity in the world
261.8 Ecumenical movement
28 Christian churches and sects
281.2 Early Christianity
281.9 Orthodox Eastern churches
282ea Western Christianity (to the Reformation) – theology
282eb Western Christianity (to the Reformation) – history
282fa Catholicism (from the Reformation to the Enlightenment) – theology
282fb Catholicism (from the Reformation to the Enlightenment) – history
282ga Catholicism (from the Enlightenment to the present ) – theology
282gb Catholicism (from the Enlightenment to the present ) – history
283ha Protestantism (from the Reformation to the Enlightenment) – theology
283hb Protestantism (from the Reformation to the Enlightenment) – history
283ia Protestantism (from the Enlightenment to the present ) – theology
283ib Protestantism (from the Enlightenment to the present ) – history
29 Non-Christian religions
291 Comparative religion and history of religions
291a Religious science – encyclopedias
291d Religious science in general
291e Theory and methodology of religious science
291f Philosophy of religion
292 Antique religions
292.11 Greek religion
294 Religions of Indic origin
294.3 Buddhism
294.3j Japanese Buddhism
294.311 Theravada Buddhism
294.321 Vajrayana
294.38 Mahayana Buddhism
294.5 Hinduism
296 Judaism
296h Modern Judaism
297 Islam
297e Classical Islam
297f Modern Islam
298 New religions
298g Yoga in the West
298k Buddhism in the West
298l Esoterism. Occultism. Hermetism
298r Neopaganism
298s New Age
299 Other religions
299.5 Religions of Southeast Asia
299.51 Religions of China
299.52 Religions of Japan
299.6 Religions of Africa
299.7 Religions of America
30 Social sciences
304 Cultural policy. Life style
311 General statistics
314 Demography
316 Sociology
316.3 Social structure. Social groups
316.4 Social processes. Social conflicts
316.6 Social psychology
316.7 Sociology of culture
316.77 Communication. Information science
316.774 Media
32 Politics
321 Political science. Systems of governments and states
323 Internal policy
323.1 Nationalist movement. Nationality policy. National minorities
323.2 Relation of state to citizens
327 International relations
328 Parliaments. Representation of the people. Governments
329 Political parties
33 Economics.
331 Labour. Employment. Labour economics
334.71 Industries. Handicraft production
336 Finance. Banking industry
338 Management. Tourism
338.2 Economic policy
339 Trade. Commerce. International economic relations
34 Law. Jurisprudence
341 International law
342 Public law. Constitutional law. Administrative law
343 Criminal law
347 Private law
35 Public administration.
355 Military science
36 Social work. Social welfare
37 Education. Educational science
37.012 Methodology of educational science
371 Schools and their activities
371.3 Methods of instruction and study
372 School subjects
373 General schools
373.2 Preschool education
374.7 Adult education
376 Special education
378 Higher education
379.8 Leisure education
39 Ethnology
391 Clothing. Fashion. Adornment
396 Women’s movement. Women and society
397 Native peoples
397i Native peoples – Indians
398 Folklore
398.2 Fairy tales. Legends. Storytelling
398.8 Folk songs
5 Natural sciences
502 Nature. Nature conservation
504 Environment. Ecology
51 Mathematics
52 Astronomy
53 Physics
55 Geology. Meteorology. Hydrology
57 Biology. Anthropology
575 Genetics
59 Zoology
61 Medicine
612 Human physiology
613 Hygiene. Health care
615 Pharmacy. Pharmacology. Therapy. Toxicology
615.8 Physiotherapy. Psychotherapy. Alternative medicine
616 Pathology. Clinical medicine
616.89 Psychiatry. Psychopathology
62 Technology
63 Agriculture. Forestry. Animal husbandry
64 Household. Gastronomy
65 Management of industry, commerce, communications
655 Publishing houses. Book trade. Letterpress printing
659 Advertising and public relations
7 Arts
71 City planning. Garden architecture. Historic preservation
72 Architecture
73 Plastic arts. Sculpture. Numismatics
74 Art handicraft. Art of the book
75 Painting
76 Graphic arts
77 Photography
78 Music
782 Dramatic music. Opera. Operetta
791.43 Film
791.43c Czech film
792 Theater
793 Dance. Entertainments
796 Sport. Games


3rd floor

80 Linguistics. Philology
80ang Anglistics
80fil Philosophy of language
80ger Germanic studies
80psy Psycholinguistics
80rom Romance studies
80sla Slavic studies
80soc Sociolinguistics
80tra Translation studies
80trccs Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies
802 English language
802d English language – dictionaries
802g English language – grammar
802o Old English language
803 Germanic languages
803.0 German language
803.93 Dutch language
803.93d Dutch language – dictionaries
803.93p Dutch language – textbooks and teaching
803.96 Norwegian language
803.97 Swedish language
804 Romance languages
804.0 French language
804.99 Catalan language
805.0 Italian language
805.90 Romanian language
806.0 Spanish language
806.90 Portuguese language
807 Classical languages
807.1 Latin language
807.5 Classical Greek language
807.74 Greek language
808 Slavic languages. Baltic languages
808.101 Church Slavic language. Old Bulgarian language
808.2 Russian language
808.3 Ukrainian language
808.4 Polish language
808.50 Czech language
808.54 Slovak language
808.6 South Slavic languages
808.61 Serbian language
808.62 Croatian language
808.63 Slovenian language
808.66 Macedonian language
808.67 Bulgarian language
809 Other languages
809.16 Celtic languages
809.24 Hebrew language
809.27 Arabic language
809.43 Turkic languages
809.45 Hungarian language. Finnish language. Estonian language
809.51 Chinese language
809.54 Tibetan language
809.56 Japanese language
82 Literary studies
82d Literary studies – dictionaries and encyclopedias
82kt Comics studies
82w World literature (in multiple languages)
82wd World literature – dictionaries and encyclopedias
82wt World literature (in multiple languages) – theory
820 English literature
820a American literature in English
820aa American literature – anthologies
820ab American and British literature
820abt American and British literature – theory
820at American literature – theory
820b British literature
820ba British literature – anthologies
820bm Middle English literature
820bo Old English literature
820bt British literature – theory
820bts Shakespeare William – work – theory
820c Canadian literature in English
820ca Canadian literature in English – anthologies
820ct Canadian literature in English – theory
820d Australian literature in English
820dt Australian literature in English – theory
820e Caribbean literature in English
820et Caribbean literature in English – theory
820t English literature – theory
83 Germanic literatures
83t Germanic literatures – theory
830 German literature
830r Austrian literature in German
830rt Austrian literature – theory
830s Swiss literature in German
830t German literature – theory
839.3 Dutch literature
839.3t Dutch literature – theory
839.5 Scandinavian literatures
839.5t Scandinavian literatures – theory
839.6 Norwegian literature
839.6t Norwegian literature – theory
839.7 Swedish literature
839.7t Swedish literature – theory
839.8 Danish literature


4th floor

84 Romance literatures
840 French literature
840b Belgian literature in French
840bt Belgian literature in French – theory
840c Canadian literature in French
840ct Canadian literature in French – theory
840s Swiss literature in French
840t French literature – theory
840z Other literatures in French
849.9 Catalan literature
849.9t Catalan literature – theory
850 Italian literature
850t Italian literature – theory
859.0 Romanian literature
860 Spanish literature
860a American literature in Spanish
860at American literature in Spanish – theory
860t Spanish literature – theory
869.0 Portuguese literature
869.0a American literature in Portuguese
869.0at American literature in Portuguese – theory
869.0t Portuguese literature – theory
87 Literature in Classical languages
87t Literature in Classical languages – theory
871 Classical Latin literature
871t Classical Latin literature – theory
875 Classical Greek literature. Byzantine literature
875t Classical Greek literature. Byzantine literature – theory
877.4 Modern Greek literature
877.4t Modern Greek literature – theory
881 Slavic literatures. Baltic literatures
881t Slavic literatures. Baltic literatures – theory
882 Russian literature
882t Russian literature – theory
883 Ukrainian literature
883t Ukrainian literature – theory
884 Polish literature
884t Polish literature – theory
885.0 Czech literature
885.0t Czech literature – theory
885.4 Slovak literature
885.4t Slovak literature – theory
886 South Slavic literatures
886t South Slavic literatures – theory
886.1 Serbian literature
886.1t Serbian literature – theory
886.2 Croatian literature
886.2t Croatian literature – theory
886.3 Slovenian literature
886.3t Slovenian literature – theory
886.4 Bosnian and Hercegovinian literature
886.5 Montenegrin literature
886.6 Macedonian literature
886.7 Bulgarian literature
886.7t Bulgarian literature – theory
89 Other literatures
89t Other literatures – theory
892.4 Hebrew literature
892.7 Arabic literatures
892.7t Arabic literatures – theory
894 Finno-Ugric literatures. Altaic literatures
894t Finno-Ugric literatures. Altaic literatures – theory
894.35 Turkish literature
894.511 Hungarian literature
894.541 Finnish literature
894.541t Finnish literature – theory
894.545 Estonian literature
895.1 Chinese literature
895.1t Chinese literature – theory
895.6 Japanese literature
895.6t Japanese literature – theory
895.7 Korean literature
902 Archaeology
903 Prehistory. Prehistoric material remains
904 Cultural remains of historical times
91 Geography. Historical Geography
910.4 Exploring voyages.
913 Regional geography. Travelling
913.4 Geography of and travelling in Europe
913.437 Geography of and travelling in Czech Republic
929 Biographical studies
929.5 Genealogy
929.6 Heraldry
929.7 Nobility. Kings and rulers
930 Historical science. World history
930.1 Philosophy of history
930.2 Auxiliary sciences of history
930.25 Keeping archives. Archives
930.85 History of civilization. Cultural history
931 History of Ancient World
932 History of Egypt
933 Jewish history
935 History of Ancient Orient
936 History of Celts, Slavs, Teutons
937 History of Rome
938 History of Greece
940 History of Europe
940.3 History of First World War
940.53 History of Second World War
941.0 History of England and Great Britain
941.7 History of Ireland
943.0 History of Germany
943.6 History of Austria
943.71 History of Czech Republic
943.76 History of Slovakia
943.8 History of Poland
943.9 History of Hungary
944 History of France
945.0 History of Italy
946.0 History of Spain
946.9 History of Portugal
947.0 History of Russia
947.7 History of Ukraine
948 History of Nordic countries
949.2 History of Netherlands
949.5 History of Byzantine Empire and Greece
949.7 History of Balkan countries
950 History of Asia
951.0 History of China
952.0 History of Japan
954.0 History of India
960 History of Africa
970 History of North and Central America
971 History of Canada
973 History of United States
980 History of South America
990 History of Australia, Oceania and Polar regions


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