E-prezenčka (E-loans) service

Allows viewing of more than 13,000 scanned books on any device. If a book is not already scanned in E-prezenčka, you can suggest it to be scanned. Books cannot be saved, but it is possible to order a printed photocopy of a section of a book (CoD).

Suggest a book to scan Printed photocopies (CoD)

Remote access to E-prezenčka (E-loans)

Access E-loans remotely by clicking on the link in the catalogue and logging in.

Basic rules

  • The service is available only to university students and employees.
  • You have to loan the book before reading it.
  • You can have only one loaned book at the time.
  • The loan period is 4 hours. You can return the book earlier. 
  • The books are available only in the same amount of copies as their physical counterparts. It means that a book may not be accessible if someone else is currently reading it.

Open the catalogue with E-loans filter Detailed instructions

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