E-prezenčka (E-loans) service

Allows viewing of more than 13,000 scanned books on computers in the library. Books cannot be saved, but it is possible to order a printed photocopy of a section of a book (CoD).

Request a scan of a book Printed photocopies (CoD)

E-prezenčka (E-loans) on PCs in the library

The program for viewing scanned books is installed on all computers in the library. Search for "E-prezenčka" via the Start menu.

Overview of already scanned books

Instructions for E-prezenčka program

  1. Log in to any computer in Quiet Study Rooms.
  2. Search for "eprezencka" in the Start menu ().
  3. Run E-prezenčka program. The older version of the library catalogue will open.
  4. Search for the item you need.
  5. Click on the title of the book and then on the E-prezenčka logo. A file with a scanned book will appear on your screen.

Please note that it is not possible to download, print screen or print the displayed text due to copyright.