Group Workspace for MU FA staff members

  • 12 places
  • PC, Smartboard, whiteboard and video calling equipment
  • only for staff of MU Faculty of Arts (including doctoral students)
  • Arna Nováka 1 premises, building D, 1st floor
  • students can use Group Study Rooms

Reserve Check availability

Reservation is not necessary, but users with a reservation have priority. The workspace can be used for work-related meetings and appointments; for teaching and examination, please use classrooms.

How to reserve the Group Workspace

After signing in to your Office 365 account, create a new event in the Outlook calendar and select room D2TYM7 from the list of rooms.

Step-by-step reservation instructions

1. Sign in to the calendar in Office 365

  • You can use the web interface at
  • Enter your e-mail in the format UČ and a single sign-on window will open.

2. New event

  • After opening the calendar, create a new event.

3. Event details

  • Enter the name, date and time of the event for which you want to reserve the workspace. 

4. Room selection

  • Start writing the name of the workspace in the event location field and select from the suggested items.
  • Workspace name: D2TYM7
  • If you entered the time of the event, you will see whether the workspace is available.

5. Submission to the calendar

  • After adding the location, click on the Send button. This will save the event and the reservation of the selected workspace will be created.

Reservation confirmation

A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail and the reservation will be displayed in your Outlook calendar and in the room calendar. You will need a chip card to enter.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why was the reservation rejected?

  • You selected one of the Group Study Rooms (room codes D2TYM1–6), which are for students only.
  • You tried to make a reservation for a time outside of opening hours of the workspace.
  • You tried to make a reservation longer than 180 minutes.
  • You tried to create a recurring event.

None of the above applies to you? Contact us at and we will find out what the problem is.

How to cancel a reservation?

Delete the created appointment in the Outlook calendar or remove the room from the event.