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Registration is free for students and employees of all sections of Masaryk University (MU) and is valid for the entire duration of their studies or employment. Only MU students and employees can register online.

Online registration On-site registration

What registration allows you to do

Only active MU students and employees have unlimited access to all services and resources. Due to the nature of the institution, there are certain restrictions for other users, set out in the Operating Regulations.


MU students and employees

Alumni Card holders, MU Alumni and Friends Association members


Registration fee



CZK 300 for the first year of registration, CZK 200 for each subsequent year

Access to Wi-Fi in the library






Loans (checked-out of the library) from open-access collections and closed stacks

max. of 30 (students) and 50 (employees) items at a time

max. of 10 items at a time

items cannot be checked-out of the library

In-house use (in the library) from open-access collections and closed stacks




Access to the Internet / e-resources from a library computer




Remote access to e-resources via virtual private network (VPN)




1 Registration is free for Alumni Card holders after paying for the card. Registration is free for members of the MU Alumni and Friends Association after paying their annual membership.

2 Students and staff of other universities and institutions involved in the Eduroam project can connect to the Eduroam wireless network. Use your home institution’s login information.

Registration at the Circulation and Registration Desk

The Circulation and Registration Desk is located on the 1st floor of the library. To register, please take with you:

    • ISIC, ITIC, or another chip card issued by MU
    • a valid identity card for persons outside MU, a library card will be issued to you

Opening hours

Circulation and Registration Desk on the 1st floor of the library

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the registration valid for all faculty libraries?

Yes, but it depends on the way you registered. Online registration is valid immediately for all faculty libraries at MUNI. Personal registration requires that you visit the library of another faculty in person before you first borrow items there. You can find out which libraries you are registered in by logging in to your profile in the catalogue.

What if I interrupt my studies?

If you interrupt your studies or do not immediately start the study programme following your completed degree programme, the registration will expire and it will be necessary to renew it in person when you resume your studies. It also means that you need to return all your loans and you cannot continue to borrow books anymore. Also, your access to e-resources will be revoked.

Can I borrow books after finishing my studies?

Registration in the library will expire as soon as you successfully complete / withdraw from your studies. If you wish to continue to borrow books, use computers and other registration-based services, you must renew your registration after fulfilling one of the following conditions:

  1. If you are a MU graduate, get an Alumni Card. Please note that it is not issued by the library. Bring it with you when you come to register.
  2. At any time you can become a member of the Masaryk University Alumni and Friends Association. After paying the membership fee, you can come and register at the library.

What can I do in the library without registration if I have no relationship to MU?

If you are not a student, graduate, or university staff member, you can:

  • use study places and the assistance of librarians in the main library building,
  • browse books available in study rooms,
  • order books from the closed stacks in person at the Circulation and Registration Desk for reference use,
  • browse the catalogue on dedicated computers,
  • use the Bookeye devices (available in study rooms) for scanning without logging in,
  • use printing service for cash at the Information Desk.

It is not possible to use computers with an Internet connection without registration. Wi-Fi is only accessible via the Eduroam network if you already have access to it.

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