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Until the end of the exam period, you will find sticky note panels in the library on which you can leavemessage or suggestion.

9 Nov 2022

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The notes above and many more were written by you on slips of paper in the kitchenette in the Quiet Coffee area. Thank you all for your messages; we appreciate and enjoy them. We are now introducing more places where you can stick post-it notes with your messages, and we will be responding to them regularly and publicly.

In the Quiet Coffee, in the entrance hall, at the back of the Silent Study Rooms on floors 2-4, in the hallway by the Team Study Rooms, and the Reading Room, you'll find a poster with The Library Asks challenge. It asks what you miss in the library, what we can do for you, what problems you have encountered... in short, anything that comes to mind. Would you like a 4th-floor slide in the library? Let us know! We probably won't get one soon, but your ideas may inspire us for future projects.

You'll find these panels in the library until the end of the exam period in February 2023. Feel free to reach out, respond to other messages, and develop ideas. We'll be responding to you regularly on the library's Facebook page, and you can look forward to a recap here on our site when we're finished.

Thank you, and we hope to improve the library together.

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