The Central Library offers publishing authors assistance with setting up a mandatory ORCID identifier

12 May 2021

The new Instruction of Masaryk University, effective from 10 May 2021, obliges all publishing authors to establish, and subsequently actively manage, the digital author identifier ORCID. The Instruction changes the current rules for author identifiers. Previously the author identifier was required only for authors submitting their results to the RIV (Information Register of R&D results), and setting up ORCID was only recommended.

The Central Library offers publishing authors of the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University assistance with establishing an identifier and managing the author's profile. At the same time, we also provide support for Scopus Author ID and Publons Researcher ID (WoS), which can be set up in the given databases, thus giving the author control over his own results. Both of these identifiers can be linked to the ORCID.

ORCID is a permanent unique author identifier that automatically links the author to the results of his work and helps to unify information about the author and his works throughout many databases. ORCID is connected to various tools such as citation managers and social networks, facilitating the presentation of the author's outputs. The identifier also enables easy retrieval of authors in databases, correction of erroneous records, and easier analysis of publishing activities. Both authors and institutions in various evaluation systems benefit from the use of the ORCID identifier. Instructions for establishing and using the ORCID identifier are available in the Information System of Masaryk University.

If you have any questions about ORCID or any other author identifiers, you can contact us using this form.

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