Poetry week

22 Mar 2021

Last week we celebrated international Poetry Day. The event, dedicated to authors and fans of poetry, usually celebrated as a one-day event inside the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts, was held online this year during the course of the entire week.

New authors and their works were introduced, but familiar faces from previous years also appeared.
As in previous years, this year, the authors, from among students, graduates, and friends of the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University, had the opportunity to read their own work. In the week from 15 to 21 March, one author introduced himself every day, presenting his poems in the form of a video or text.

You can read all the presented poems at the Facebook event.


Manka Stará

Manka Stará is, in her own words, "a Czech teacher coexisting among computer scientists. I express my optimistic view of life, the universe, and everything in poems; I write because it is more socially acceptable than other ways to cope with existence. The motivation for my work is not to convey an artistic message, but to turn off the brain and finally fall asleep."


Martin Helcman

Martin Helcman says about himself that he is "a cadet of decadence, a bureaucrat of anarchy, an apostle of blasphemy, a doctor of pharmacy."

No description


Zdeňka Pospíšilová

Zdeňka Pospíšilová, born in 1987 in Boskovice, is a mother, poet, student and librarian. Since 2007 she has been publishing poems on the literary website Písmák, where she has also been working as a poetry editor since 2016. Her poems have appeared in several literary publications. She succeeded in several literary competitions, most recently winning the 1st prize at Seifert's Kralupy 2019. She is a member of the Agadir Theater of Music and Poetry. She lives in Brno


Eliška Hondlová

Eliška Hondlová is from Mikulov and studies Literature and Intercultural Communication at Masaryk University. In 2020, she participated in the František Halas Literary Competition, in which she was among the finalists. You can read it on the Chvilka nedělní poezie website or on the Ostrava literary platform Harakiri Czurakami.

No description


Olga Čejková  

She studied Art history and Religion at Masaryk University. She is currently doing her PhD at the Faculty of Arts at Palacky University in Olomouc and working as a project manager at the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno.
"Poetry has accompanied me since my early youth - the first text I remember was poetry about nature. A poem about a birch that peeked into the windows of my room throughout my childhood. I grew up in an old mill in Slovácko. The place strongly influenced my view of the world, a relationship with nature. "

No description


Dominik Bárt

Dominik Bárt is a poet and student of Czech studies at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno. He published poetry in print, for example, in Host a Tvar, on the Internet, for example, in Ostravan and at the Nedělní chvilka poezie. Winner of the Vladimír Vokolek Literary Prize 2019 (1st place), Orten's Kutná Hora 2020 (3rd place) and Seifert's Kralupy 2020 (1st place).


Jakub Strouhal

He describes himself as an immigrant from Ostrava, from the North Bohemian Sudetenland, an avid beer lover. He is existentially balancing between pub and faith. He studies Czech literature at the Silesian University. He published in the magazine Host, Protimluv, Texty and internet cultural review Ostravan.


Jan Slíva

A student of history at Masaryk University with various interests and hobbies, in addition to poetry, it is also photography.
"Poetry in its true form exists for me mainly at the moment of the reading, ie directly from the author to the present listeners."

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