3D printing, virtual reality and sewing machine: six months of Makerspace at the Central Library

20 Jul 2022

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What can these technologies be used for, you ask? For example, 3D printers have been used to create parts for a bioreactor, theatre models and brush stands.

Makerspace's library guarantor Roman Brück notes that he was surprised by the great interest. "This alone is a great motivation for me to push our Makerspace further. I enjoy working with the students and the staff, being able to help them discover these technologies, share their ideas with them, and help make them into a reality." Over 150 people have been trained to use some of the technologies in a relatively short period of time.

More than thirty workshops and several technology-specific sessions have been held since the launch of Makerspace. One of the most recent events was the 3D Printing Summit, attended in person and online by nearly twenty people from various university departments. The meeting provided a platform for sharing experiences with projects in different disciplines, which will continue in the future on the MS Teams platform.

We welcome advanced users as well as beginners. "The Sewing Machine Operation workshops are mostly attended by those who have never worked with it. They want to try something new and the machine in the library, open at weekends, is an ideal opportunity." says the lecturer.


You can start working with technology anytime during library hours if you've been through the training session. During the semester and the exam periods, we offer the necessary induction training as well as problem-solving support.

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