Working with Zotero citation manager | Hybrid lesson

  • 24. října 2023
    16:00 – 17:30
  • Room C32 and online
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The lecture will guide participants through the ways in which sources can be added to the Zotero citation manager for later citation. It will also show how to integrate the tool with Microsoft Word, especially how to insert citations in different styles, how to edit them and how to insert a bibliography.
Attention will also focus on common mistakes to be aware of. Participants will also be introduced to some extensions that can be added to the citation manager to automate other routine activities. The lecture is designed for beginners and upon completion, participants will be able to use the Zotero citation manager in conjunction with Microsoft Word word processor at a basic user level.

Who is the event for?
The lesson is primarily intended for PhD students of the Faculty of Arts MU.
The lesson will be held in a hybrid way. We will send a link to connect to all registered participants.
It is recommended to bring your own laptop to the lecture, where you can install Zotero directly. The classroom is not a computer room.

Mgr. Oldřich Tristan Florian



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