Scanned books (e-prezenčka)

Viewing full texts of books in selected central libraries of MU

The e-prezenčka service provides access to the electronic form (PDF format) of the most demanded books that are difficult to get hold of. These books from the collections of MU libraries have been scanned for you. Full texts of digital version of the documents are available only for reading on selected computers in some libraries of MU. In the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts, the e-prezenčka program has been installed on all computers requiring user log-in.

Displaying a list of digitalized documents

The documents included in e-prezenčka may be searched for on any computer connected to the Internet in the Aleph catalogue. To display the scanned books, enter the word eprezencka in the search box. You will recognize the document in the catalogue by an e-prezenčka icon (available only in Czech version of the Aleph catalogue). To facilitate visual orientation, books in the open stacks that have already been scanned are also labelled with an e-prezenčka logo.

Do you want to order a printed copy?

The scanned books (e-prezenčka) service can only be used for viewing of digital texts. You can order printed copies of documents included in e-prezenčka electronically via the Copy on Demand (CoD) service.


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