You can scan books and journals from the collections of the library on all multi-functional devices in the library.

Scanning instructions

You can send files to a private folder or to an e-mail. The instructions are posted by all multifunctional devices. We recommend scanning into a folder.

To finish scanning and send the file, press the [#]. button. Pick up the files from any computer where you need to sign in. In the Start menu open “Computer” and in the address bar enter: \\scan (on Czech keyboard you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+92 to write the \ sign).

Scanned books in aleph catalogue

If you are scanning a book from the collections of MU libraries, you can first check in the Aleph catalogue whether it has not been already scanned. If this is the case, you will not obtain a digital copy, but you can read the full text using the scanned books e-prezenčka service or order printed copies through CoD service.


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