Wi-fi in the library

Anybody who is a student or employee of MU can connect their laptop to the university network. You can connect via a wireless network (Eduroam, MUNI) or via a cable (LAN).


Laptop connection through the European network of access points realized via a secured connection (WPA) to the Eduroam network is available in the entire library building. For a trouble-free connection, we recommend using standard Windows tools.

Quick guide for connecting to the Eduroam network with Windows 7 or Vista
Guide for connecting to the Eduroam network

MUNI (open VPN)

In wireless networks look up the MUNI network and connect to it. Open an Internet browser and visit any page. Before it opens, an authentication page of MU appears where you will enter your personal identification number (UČO) and secondary password. At this moment you will be connected to the Internet.

Are you connecting from home?

If you are connecting from a network outside MU, e.g. to licensed electronic resources available only for the Faculty of Arts, connect through special (faculty) VPN servers.
Guide for connecting from home

Do you own a Kindle electronic reader?

In this case you can connect it in to the MUNI network in the library.

Guide for connecting a Kindle reader

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