Library during lockdown: updates

30. 4. 2020

The Central Library, including Reading room, Group study rooms, and all branch libraries, is closed until further notice.

If you need immediate help or assistance:

Is it possible to borrow books?

Yes, but only books with Month status (not In house loan) after ordering them in advance.
log in to the library catalogue (,

  • log in to the library catalogue (,
  • find the book you need,
  • click Place a hold.
  • Wait for an e-mail.
  • Get the books from the “take out window” on Arne Nováka street (where the Reading room is). The window is open on weekdays, 10–13. Please, bring your ISIC or another ID card, and if possible, a pen.

Is it possible to return books?

Yes, if necessary. The return date for items which are supposed to be returned during the closure period was automatically extended. You can check the date after login to the catalog:

If you wish to return the books anyway, please use Bibliobox, located on Arne Nováka street. Warning: because of our librarians’ safety, it takes 5 days of quarantine period before we can handle the books and actually return them.

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