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About the project

The aim of the Digital Library of Arne Novák (* 2 March 1880, † 26 November 1939) is to facilitate access to the essential and very extensive work of Prof. Arne Novák, a literary scholar, critic, historian, and essayist who was (not only) the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Rector of Masaryk University in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Digital Library of Arne Novák has presently made available publications from the collections of the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts, mostly Novák’s monographs (61) and introductions and afterwords to works of other authors (~ 50). In total this concerns approx. 13,000 pages. We intend to continue in collecting (or borrowing) and digitizing of the work of Prof. Novák. We would welcome the interest of both memory institutions and individuals in cooperating with us on expansion of the digital library (e.g. if they own an original and would be willing to lend it to us for digitization purposes or scan it themselves).

We hope that the complex work of Prof. Arne Novák will be rediscovered and appreciated by the scholarly audience in particular. Arne Novák certainly deserves it!


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